Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning

Why PC7 ?

We make sure you grow your business with the right customers.

PC7 Machine and deep learning are the basic components that can empower your products to gain added value and bring valuable data-driven insight. No matter which field, extract your public perception of your company with natural language processing to get to know your customers perspective, scale your quality ensurance from manually to automized by computer vision algorithms or increase your revenue by recommending the perfect product to your customers.

Get closer to your customers.

Keep the competitive edge and extend your products value with customized AI-solutions especially tailored for your needs.

  • Tailor made AI solutions
  • Optimization of existing AI solutions
  • Integration in your existing or hosted on our servers with microservices

PC7 offers set of modern solutions, which will allow you to implement automated onboarding, fastening the process.

Don’t keep honest customers waiting.

Realizing that quick confirmation is one of the most frustrating aspects of the customer experience, we've seen organizations lose potential new customers through the application process. In addition, current labor-intensive processes lead to higher costs, greater opportunities for error, duplication of tasks and therefore lost revenue. Effective customer onboarding is therefore essential if you want to have happy customers. Make a privacy-friendly copy of the document, extract personally identifiable information, and verify the document for authenticity.

Identity verification you can trust.

By using biometric data, we can help you verify the identity of your customers through automated analysis of personal documents, to prevent identity theft and stop fraudulent use of documents. Improve processes and increase customer satisfaction at different stages of their interaction. Automated processes are expected to increase significantly in the next two years! If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, act now.

We enable you to trust your clients.

PC7 helps businesses verify identity of the customers behind the screens - using world leading AI and computer vision technology. We will integrate tailor made AI-solutions to bring insights to you and added value to your clients.

Why should you automate identity verification?

Keep the competitive edge and extend your products value with customized AI-solutions especially tailored for your needs.

  • Improving user experience
  • Faster integration for your customers
  • Fewer monotonous tasks for your employees
  • Devote more time to high-risk cases
  • Consistent compliance checks

Let's make something big. Together.

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